Automation Solutions

Accuracy, efficiency  and speed in manufacturing operations and processes  are the advantages of  Automation in the industry. It  also reduces  significantly the labor costs and eliminates human’s hard, physical or repetitive actions in the operation processes even in hazardous or extreme environments. It can also be maintained with scheduled integrity check and preventive maintenance.

The main advantages of automation surpasses worker displacement concerns. Automations provides increased throughput , improved quality , improved product robustness , significantly reduce cycle time with accuracy and increases human freedom to do non-repetitive work and do other  more value added works such as analysis and quality monitoring . It is cost efficient resulting in a competitive advantages in cycle time reduction , safety and production control.

Our Automation Solutions are specifically customized according to individual customer needs .We manufacture automation solutions for critical processes in Semiconductor and solar equipment manufacturing.

We have built wholly customized and efficient automated solutions for critical processes in Semiconductor and Solar Equipment manufacturing such as  customized handling tools, precise control on wafer contacts, controlled coating on surface thickness and surrounding edges, on-line vision inspection systems, robot handling, loading and unloading wafers from cassettes.

If you need a complete automation solutions or if you are a new player buyer in the market with provisions for upgrading to Automation, Al-TECH will  cater to your design requirements with complete solutions.

AL-TECH’s automation solutions includes the following:

              • Vision Transfer Automation
              • Plating Jig Transfer Automation
              • Robot Transfer Automation
              • Automation Trolleys
              • Servo Transfer Automation
              • Process Printing Automation

We are a System Integration partner with competitive and reliable Automation market players in the industry

              • HIKROBOT – Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
              • MGI Automation – Wafer Transfer System
              • ABB – Robotic Arms

Thermal Processing Technology

Industrial ovens are thermal processing equipment used in a broad range of applications such as heating chambers for drying, aging, curing, and baking of semiconductor or electronics parts and components. The main industries that uses Industrial ovens are chemical and electronics manufacturing. The label given to the heat treatment process describes the kind of property changes desired in a product when it is heated – dried, baked, or dehydrated.

AL-TECH’s Industrial Ovens are specifically engineered  for applications such as high dissipation forward bias, high temperature reverse bias, dynamic and static burn-in of Integrated Chips and other semiconductor devices. Our Industrial ovens can produce a wide range of temperatures to cater with the component reliability testing needs. With AL-TECH as an ISO/IEC 17025 certified and an accredited SAC-Singlas Temperature Calibration and Measurement  firm,  our Chambers has an advantage in it’s configurations.

AL-TECH Products for Industrial Chambers and Ovens.

Industrial Ovens

AL-TECH specializes in designing and fabricating clean process ovens for production environments in the solar, semiconductor and electronics industries. Our customized designs have set new standards of accuracy and reliability in this quality-sensitive industry. Our R&D team has always delivered in the toughest challenges and met ever-expanding process demands by our customers. Al-TECH’s state-of-the-art designs contribute towards achieving complete customer satisfaction by delivering complete solutions such as:

                      • Easy operations
                      • Easy maintenance
                      • Easy upgrading capabilities

Our designs are highly ergonomic and can accommodate any control or space constraints and footprints required by the customers. We pride ourselves in designing and building a full range of tight tolerance and high-performance clean process ovens.

Industrial  Conveyor Ovens

AL-TECH conveyor ovens are designed to achieve excellent air temperature uniformity on all interior parts to cater for high volume and vertical down airflow. Ideal for high volume product continuous processing.

Customized Industrial Ovens

AL-TECH also specializes in designing and fabricating Thermal processing ovens as per clients identified specifications which includes Temperature Calibration . Ready to cater for specified sizes, temperatures and configurations.

Environmental Test Chambers 

Our Chiller water systems are simple re-circulating fluid systems that are easy to operate and maintain. They present basic cooling capabilities that can go down to -20°C.

Refrigerated coolers, on the other hand, worked like typical freezers at home and can cool down to a much lower temperature of -70°C. Their biggest advantage being, they don’t require a lot of  maintenance and provide excellent control.

if you are looking for high-performance cooling solutions, we have the Liquid Nitrogen cooling systems that provide the lowest possible temperatures at -110°C, with fast cooling rates.

AL-Tech offers also a wide range of Environmental Test Chambers cooling options to match your specific requirements namely:

                      • Chiller water systems
                      • Refrigerated Coolers
                      • Liquid Nitrogen systems

Each of these options is ideal for specific applications which gives you the freedom to choose the best system suited for your company. AL-TECH as an accredited Temperature Calibrator , you can be sure that your system is configured properly.

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is the process of transforming metal sheets into metal products and structures. Metal forming process  involves a collection of forming techniques.

With AL-TECH’s  experienced personnel and robust equipment for shearing,  sawing, punching, forming, bending, rolling, welding, metal finishing, and assembly of all types of metals, including aluminum, brass, cold roll steel, copper, galvanized steel, hot roll steel, and stainless steel, we are able to provide a one-stop solution services with faster lead time . In-house design , fabrication , assembly and test  are an advantage in completing projects with accuracy.

AL-TECH specializes in prototypes, one-offs, smaller orders, blanket orders and small to large production runs. With our skilled personnel and rigid equipment, we are sure to constantly deliver superior Precision Metal Fabrication.

Our comprehensive range of Metal Fabrication services include:

                      • Turret Punch
                      • Forming
                      • Flame Cutting
                      • CNC Bending
                      • Welding (Plug, MIG, TIG, Spot, Stud)
                      • Structural Welding

These fabrication manufacturing processes can be used collectively or independently  to create comprehensive  sheet metal components or functional prototypes.

The sheet metal fabrication process can provide durable, end-use metal parts with a broad selection of materials and finishes to meet individual specifications for industries like automotive, medical, aerospace, electronics, robotics, and energy.

Prototype Development and Customized Projects

Our Prototypes  and Customized project engineering solutions are tailored to suit your specific operating requirements. With our cost-effective services and products  capability coupled with global technical support,  we assure our full service and after sales support.

AL-TECH R&D and design teams are readily equipped to meet the challenges of new and different requirements by various industries.  Some of our key strengths are :

                      • End-to-end design and build capability under one roof
                      • Major tool installations for the PV and Semiconductor Industries
                      • Regular Export to developed countries in EU and USA.