30 Years Of Experience

AL-TECH Instrumentation and Engineering

Approaching three decades since our incorporation, we have celebrated numerous milestone events. However, we still deem that our foremost accomplishment is the achievement of patronage and trust from our customers well across the globe. Based on our career experience, more astute buyers are not just after clinching a deal and fitting in a good piece of equipment as part of their need. They perceive such purchase as an investment in quality, efficiency, productivity, and safety – in essence, a ‘winning strategy,’ SUCCESS. Consequently, we thrust upon ourselves the responsibility not just to meet these expectations but even go beyond. To bolster this, we have committed to a plan of action for our products and services. Among others are the following: continuous improvement utilising intensive research on new technology & innovations; availability of customization according to specific requirements; proactive training and post-sales support; and establishing even better communication and relationship with our partners/customers. Our entire team will continue to learn, grow and stay vigilant. With the passion and enthusiasm you have known us for, we look forward to the pleasure of serving you for many more years to come.


About Us

AL-TECH Instrumentation and Engineering
  • A
    AL-TECH, incorporated in 1994, is a full-service Engineering and Technologies firm providing innovative solutions into various industries
  • L
    Long and warranted experience with utmost dedication to the Productivity, Quality & Safety of the Customers in Robotics and Automation
  • T
    Total solutions for conventional and/or customized factory equipment with possible integration of automation to the process system;
  • E
    Expert in Factory Automations & Environmental Test Systems in the field of electronics, solar technology and hard disk drive manufacturing;
  • C
    Continuous development of system design knowledge for more innovative concepts and projects;
  • H
    Highly dependable Team of Engineers, Field Operations Specialists and Customer Care Personnel.

A group of young technocrats incorporated AL-TECH in 1994 with a vision to set new standards of quality and productivity. Their goal was also to provide an efficient one-stop solution to the engineering needs of their global clientele. AL-TECH grew rapidly; thanks to their focus on rendering a comprehensive array of services for factory automation. This included custom automation equipment integrated into the process system. Furthermore, their cumulative experience and research for over 2 decades had enriched their knowledge and insights.

Today, we continuously design and build Industrial ovens , environmental test systems and an OEM for our USA associate for burn-in systems. As for the solar, electronics and semiconductor industries, developing and integration of automated process equipment is our main focus.

For our expansion program, technological advancement is on top of our agenda. We analyze and understand trends and demands in the market to keep abreast with the fast-paced technology and preferably stay ahead of competitors.


Values That We Uphold

AL-TECH Instrumentation and Engineering

In AL-TECH, we take to heart and are driven by the following core values.


  • Reliable Customer’s partner in blending Human Operator Resource with Automations & Robotics projects, substantially increasing productivity, yield & other efficiency aspects of manufacturing firms.
  • Valuable Technical & After-Sales Support through our One-Stop Solutions Centre
  • Compliance with ISO-certified quality control measures

Customer Business Improvement

  • Process speed and consistency in meeting production targets
  • Longer effective utility of tools due to higher lifespan
  • Proficient and outstanding output in tackling complex technical challenges
  • Satisfaction with confidence and peace of mind on our end products

Mission & Vision

Our Objectives And Purpose

AL-TECH Instrumentation and Engineering


Our mission in AL-TECH is to deliver high-quality automated integration projects and innovative solutions for global clients. Along with this, it is also our goal to provide efficient one-stop solution services and customized engineering needs in Solar, Semiconductor and Thermal Processing Technology sectors.


In AL-TECH, we aspire to be a valuable choice in customized automation equipment for Solar, PV and Semiconductor Industries in the region.


Automation Solutions , Industrial Ovens and Environmental Test Chambers

AL-TECH Instrumentation and Engineering

In AL-TECH, we believe that our strengths are what set us apart from our competitors. Not only do we have decades of excellent track record in Robotics & Automation, but Thermal Processing Technology with satisfied customers to attest. We also come equipped with the expertise in high precision engineering technologies to provide full customization as per each customer’s specifications. To top this all off, we are more than capable of major Automation tool installations for the Solar and Semiconductor industries.

We have been working in this industry for the past 28 years. Such a long track record in itself is a testimonial for the quality we deliver. Some of our key strengths today are:

  • End-to-end design and build capability under one roof
  • Major Automation Solutions design and installation for the PV and Semiconductor industries
  • Regular export to developed countries in EU and the USA

Technological Milestones

  • 2003

    Since this year: AL-TECH has been the OEM to our USA associate for Burn-In systems.

  • 2008

    Development of Vision & Precision Motion Control.

  • 2008

    Development of Ultrasonic Spray Coating for masking application.

  • 2010

    Design and development of High Heat Dissipation-ABTS Burn-In system which can operate up to 36KW chamber dissipation.

  • 2010

    Since this year: Design and development of Rapid Cooling System (GT65) for IC Handler equipment for Semiconductor field and has manufactured more than 200 units which are operational globally.

  • 2014

    Exploration into Oil & Gas products and sales agent for Kennametal Asia-Pacific.

  • 2015

    By this year: Has produced for Solar Cell manufacturer/s more than 700 automation tools with innovative design and capability for high throughput handling.

  • 2015

    Evaluation of customized servo axis motor, planning for future projects as part of cost reduction roadmap.

  • 2019

    OEM to another Burn-In System provider in the USA.

  • 2021

    Appointed by ABB Singapore as an Authorized Channel Partner, providing on-the-system integration for all robotic applications.
    Appointed as Sales Agent of MGI Automation for Wafer Transfer System.
    Partnered with Hikrobot in their AGV Sales/Projects.

  • 2022

    AL-TECH laboratory is accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025 in the field of Calibration and Measurement under the SAC Certificate of Accreditation No. LA-2022- 0813-C.


Our Partners Around The World

We strongly believe that a blend of cooperation, good communication and understanding between us and our partners is an essential factor to a mutually rewarding relationship, attaining success.

AL-TECH Instrumentation and Engineering


Awards & Certifications

In AL-TECH we pride ourselves for going above and beyond what is expected for every single client we have served. To understand how much we value excellence and our customers, have a look at all the awards we have received throughout the years.

    • Top 150 SME in Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise Award 2013: awarded for the company’s entrepreneurial spirits with leadership, perseverance, demonstration, integrity and ambition


  • Top 25 Prestige Award 2014: demonstrated exception accomplishments in the field of business
AL-TECH Instrumentation and Engineering
AL-TECH Instrumentation and Engineering
AL-TECH Instrumentation and Engineering
AL-TECH Instrumentation and Engineering

We also want our clients to know that they are in good hands. With that, we have equipped our business with the following certifications

  • ISO certification
  • BIZSAFE Level 3 certification
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2005 for our commitment to Quality Assurance – The registration comes through the international auditing company SGS and is maintained through audit every year. We employ 9001:2015 QMS and designations in our work areas and assure our people are trained to operate in accordance to the QMS level within which they are working.
  • AL-TECH INSTRUMENTATION & ENGINEERING PTE LTD is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certified firm  with SAC-SINGLAS certificate no. LA-2022-0813-C  for Temperature Calibration and Measurement Accreditation.

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