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Model:AP Chamber (OEM)

AP Chamber

External dimensions: 1905 (W) × 2990 (D) × 2506 (H) mm
Exterior: Electro-Galvanized steel plate
Power supply: AC208 V ± 10% 5-lines 50/60 Hz 150A
Volume of air: 34.2 to 41.8 m³/min
Air velocity: 0.389 to 0.476 m/sec (AVE.)
Temperature accuracy: 20 to 25°C ± 0.1°C
Temperature stability: ±0.1°C
Temperature distribution: ±0.5°C
Air current system: Down-flow system
Fan: Blower KAT 10/8 Assembly
Refrigerator: Water-cooling condensation type
Heater: Sheathed wire electric heater (6.0kW)
Digital Temperature Controller: SSR drive Output type PID control FB400

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