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Automation Tools

Al-Tech offers a wide range of Customised Automated Handling Tools with many options for customers to choose from.

We offer:

  • Loading & Unloading of very thin wafers from Cassettes (& and vice versa),
  • SpecifcSpecific Coating along the perimeter edges with controlled thickness
  • Linking of Automated IR Ovens with Handling Tool processes
  • Robot Handling with various supports by vision aided systems
  • All-In-One Solution for complete automations

Our Automation Tools are specifically customized according to individual customer needs and will meet 100% of their yield requiremtnsrequirements. This can be determined during the initial Acceptance Specifications and also confirmed aginagain during the customer buy off at our prmisespremises.

If you need a complete automation solutions or if you are a new layer buyer in the market with provisions fofor upgrading to Automation, Al-Tech will be able to cater to your needs with complete solutions. We also have provisions for future upgrades where necessary. To top it offall, we asoalso provide customer orientated training at their locations and also support you with a local team where applicable.

Back End Line


Jig Unloader


Roll Proct Process handling


Servo Loader & Unloader


Robot Loader & UnLoader


Automation Trolley

Automation Trolley

Model: GT-250-TY

Paste Mixer

Paste Mixer

Model: L904