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R&D – Current and Future Developments

Our company sets aside a substantial amount every year to cater for New Process & Developments for the constantly improving technology.

  • Vision & Precision Motion Control Development

This technology caters to the Silk Screen Printing requirements using vision aided camera system to give precise information directly to the high precision linear stage axis unit to accurately pick and place the product each and every time. This greatly increases performance and tact time. This can be achieved easily yet not compromising on the quality of the wafers and error free operations.

Vision & Precision Motion Control Development-Silk Screen Printer



  • Ultrasonic Spray Coating

The objective of this R&D project is to achieve evenly coated thickness on the surface as well as the PERPENDICULAR sides simultaneously. This cannot be achieved by means of any normal spray nozzles that are available off the shelf. In this process we use a sophisticated atomized nozzle spray system which allows achieving great spraying quality, yet with uniformly coated thickness. Besides, the particle size and the uniformity are also within control which is achieved as a result of our extensive research and intensive trials.