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R&D and System Design

We have an in-house team of Design and Software engineers who specialize in designing Automated Tools for the Semiconductor and Solar manufacturing. Our precision engineered solutions address the following specific challenges of manufacturers:

  • High or Precise Air Flow Control requirements
  • Ability to configure and maintain different temperature settings profiles by sample operations
  • Cater to individual customer requirement for specific footprints due to space constraints
  • Special measures to allow only certain contacts and the method of handling smart wafers along the process flow
  • Environmental conditions

We have built speciality ovens, coolers and automated tools that accommodate all of the above and also cater to special requests from our customers.

Current and Future Developments

  • Vision & Precision Motion Control Development

This technology caters to the Silk Screen Printing requirements using vision aided camera system to give precise information directly to the high precision linear stage axis unit to accurately pick and place the product each and every time. This greatly increases performance and tact time. This can be achieved easily yet not compromising on the quality of the wafers and error free operations.

Vision & Precision Motion Control Development-Silk Screen Printer













  • Ultrasonic Spray Coating

The objective of this R&D project is to achieve en atg thickns o eOP surface as well as the PERPENDICULAR sides simultaneously. This cannot be achieved by means of any normal spray nozzles that are available off the shelf. In this process we use a sophisticated atomized nozzle spray system which allows achieving great spraying quality, yet with uniformly coated thickness. Besides, the particle size and the uniformity are also within control which is achieved as a result of our extensive research and intensive trials.

Ultrasonic Spray Coating

  • Non‐Contact Handling For Module Glass Panel

The Glass products are handled with optimum care throughout the handling automations and process automations. Here we have devised a sophisticated method to convey the products without any physical contacts with any surfaces. This is a cutting edge concept which we have researched and achieved dramatically benefits in terms of quality improvement without compromising on any safety measurements.

Non-Contact Handling










Quality manufacturing

Al-Tech located at Woodlands, Singapore. Provide reliable, high-quality end-products, we operate in a 100% process-driven manufacturing environment. Our facilities have state-of-the-art machining equipment that helps us to assemble some extremely complex systems under one roof.
We take pride in delivering zero-defect completed products. Quality and precision to us is a religion that we adhere to zealously. We ensure zero-defect manufacturing by employing thorough QC and acceptance testing methodologies according to our customers’ specific requirements. The specifications for these exercises are in detailed conformance with the intended purpose of manufacturing.

Some of the highlights of our manufacturing facilities are as follows:

  • 100% In-house design and manufacturing
  • Strong project management expertise
  • State-of-the-art equipment and machinery
  • Ability to integrate hardware and software for the optimum system performance
  • Highly trained and knowledgeable workforce
  • Defect-free manufacturing

Our standard tool development plan is as follows: