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Products Overview
At Al-Tech we use cutting-edge technologies to design and manufacture highly reliable and robust tools that play an important role in the manufacturing activities of the following industries:

  • Solar/PV Industries
  • Semiconductor manufacturers
  • Hard Disk Drive manufactures
  • Specific Research & Development industries

We deal with high precision engineering technologies to deliver automation systems and products that are totally customized to match the unique requirement of our clients. Every solar or semi-conductor manufacturer presents to us unique plant and process requirements and we have the ability to respond with tools and solutions that accurately fit the same requirements.

We regularly maintain and ultimately meet stringent demands of our clients in our under-one-roof deigning and fabrication facility in Singapore. We take pride in undertaking entire range of activities in our own premises. This obviously gives us a tremendous quality advantage as compared to some competitors who may outsource critical components.

Our strengths:

At Al-Tech, our R&D and design teams are readily equipped to meet the challenges of new and different requirements by the various industries. The following strengths give us the strategic edge over piece meal contractors.

We have been working in this industry for the past 18years. Such a ling track record in itself is a testimonial for the quality we deliver. Some of our key strengths today are:

  • End-to-end design and build capability under one roof
  • Major Tool installations for the Solar and Semiconductor industries
  • Regular export to developed countries in EU and the USA

We specialize in:

Automation Tools

We manufacture automation tools for critical processes in Semiconductor and solar equipment manufacturing. We have built wholly customized and efficient automated tools for critical functions such as handling tools, precise control on wafer contacts, controlled coating on surface thickness and surrounding edges, on-line vision inspection systems, robot handling, loading and unloading wafers from cassettes, etc.




Industrial Ovens

Environmental Test Chambers and Burn-In Ovens are some of our major products catering to the similar group of industries. These Ovens are specifically customised according to the customers’ needs. These ovens can simulate the actual environmental conditions for precise and accurate testing of customers’ products/components. These tests are conducted to confirm that the customers’ products meet the required specifications in terms of reliability and qualities.
Al-Tech custom made ovens are also available for other processes or needs such as curing, baking, drying, heat resistance tests etc. These specifications can be tuned according to the customers’ requirements or even for specialised purposes.


Environmental Test Chamber

Temperatures can be greatly reduced by using our sophisticated and customised Chillers to meet customers’ specific requirements. Our chillers can go down to a very low temperature of -110 degrees Celsius. These dramatic changes in temperatures can be easily achieved by means of our special conceptual design combined with our professional expertise in this field. Further to this, additional options upon requests can be catered to or incorporated into these chiller units for certain requirements. This can be further upgraded for certain process requirements in the near future. The operations are very easily adapted by any end user operators.



Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication for specialty equipment is more complex than one can think of. We understand all the complex nuances involved in this precision engineering industry. We are capable of handling end-to-end sheet metal fabrication assignments in our state-of-the art facility and meet all required standards and specifications. Our modern manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest software tools for system design. We specialize in manufacturing and finishing technologies such as MIG, TIG, CNC Turreting & Bending, Polishing and Machining, which ensures the best quality in our finished products. Over the past 18 years we have completed numerous steel fabrication assignments meeting the International standards




When precision counts you can count on Al-Tech to deliver!