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A group of young technocrats incorporated Al-Tech in 1994 with a vision to set new standards of quality and productivity and offer services to global clients. The goal was also to provide an efficient and consistent one-stop solution for our customer’s engineering needs. Al-Tech grew rapidly thanks to our focus on providing total solutions for factory automation; custom automation equipment integrated to process system. Our cumulative experiences and research over the past 18 years has given us rich insights.Therefore, today we understand the technological trends and demands in the market much better than some of our competitors. Our experience coupled with intensive research has made Al-Tech a trusted brand name in the electronics, solar and hard disk drive industries.

We are dedicated to building environmental test system and also the OEM for our associate in the USA for Burn-In System. Technological advancement has always been on top of our agenda for our expansion program. Developing process equipment, therefore, will always be our focus in the solar & Semiconductor industries.

OverviewAl-Tech places the utmost importance on improving our customers’ productivity, quality and safety. We strongly believe that good understanding and cooperation between companies can lead to amazingly rewarding relationships and successes.