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Message from the Managing Director

Alex Teo

“In our journey of 20 years, we had many opportunities to cherish and celebrate important milestone events. However our most valued accomplishment is the patronage of our customers across many countries and the trust they have invested in our abilities and helped us to win our credentials.

We learnt early on in our careers that our customers don’t buy a piece of our equipment in their manufacturing facility but in fact they buy “a winning strategy” in the success of their business. They buy quality and productivity as a result of the precision delivered by our automation tools. We are very happy to go that extra mile to meet these ever-expanding expectations of our customers. We are eager to continually improve our products and services and will never hesitate to undertake application specific customization of products so that every technical attribute translates into tangible value that can be easily realised. We create a training and post-sales service support that transcends reactive labour-intensive job work but in fact embraces a proactive approach that cares for your real needs at all times.

Needless to say, our entire team continues to learn, grow and be vigilant. We look forward to serving you for many more years to come with the same passion and alacrity that you recognize us for. “